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  • Rotten

    better late than never! Thank you.

  • Lee

    Thank You for the chapter. Waiting for chapter 747 and 748.

  • kig

    Thank you!

  • saidyasin

    I will download and read your chapters no matter how late they are, they have good scans and great translation. They suit archiving purposes more. So, thank you for your efforts.

  • dou

    Thanks for the chapter

  • KhaonTHeNOob

    Hello! Thank for the current chapter. Well, indeed it was released a bitt late but still you guys are all forgiven as you work is amazing!! Thanks again

  • Jean

    It seems you are mistaken at page 15, Kyros is having a two star bounty not one.

    • Tobi

      There’s no mistake, this is exactly what’s written on the raw, probably a typo from jumps editor.

  • manticorpse

    Are you guys still working on 747-749? 🙁

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