One Piece 799 (English) version 2

One Piece Cover


includes various minor fixes:

changed “killing Joker” -> “eliminating Joker” (because lol at Oda killing people)

added “too” at the end of Ideo’s statement about fighting pirates on pg 15 to make the comparison more obvious.

changed Suleiman’s line from “this ship” -> “his ship” (this was a typo. the “t” shouldn’t have been there).

changed “senpai” -> “senior” in Cavendish’s bubble on page 15 (because weeaboo-ism (and before anyone asks, honorifics don’t fall under this))

fixed typo on page 17.


Chapter 799 V2
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  • jm8080ful

    While I agree with “senpai” -> “senior” I just can’t imagine Bartolomeo not screaming Luffy-senpai

    • Galaxy 9000

      We aren’t changing it for Bartolomeo, don’t worry.

      Just in instances like Cavendish saying he’s Suleiman’s “senior”.

      • BernieCrane

        He’s saying he’s Luffy’s senior…

      • jm8080ful

        Thanks, that’s a relief