One Piece 803 Version 2 (English)

One Piece Cover

Chapter 803 v2

List of fixes (page numbers refer to file name, not page numbers on reader):

corrected “cluthes” on page 2

missing sfx on page 5 now present

added “the” in front of “production of weapons” on page 7

fixed “saboady” on page 7

added “and” in front of “where are you now” to make transition from prior bubble smoother on page 9

fixed “seperated” on page 13

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  • Son D. Roku

    Always appreciated.

  • Son D. Roku

    Where did you guys get the new credits page from? The one with Baby 5 & Leo. I know chapter 750 has the one with Dagama and Elizabello.

    • PowerManga

      We made it 🙂

      • Son D. Roku

        Awesome. Looks really good. I like it