One Piece 819 (English)

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Just kidding, we won’t skip the gap.

Mehzad joins us with this week’s chapter. Since he was already releasing the weekly chapters, we’ve decided to keep going with that while we work on catching up from our end. I won’t make any promises like I made last time (about releasing a chapter a week) but with an extra person, this should go by a lot faster. So the gap stands at 809-818. 809-810 are in the QC stage and 816-818 will be revised from Mehzad’s previous releases. So the effective gap is 811-815.

Chapter 819

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Author: allmight

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  • Son D. Roku

    Always appreciated. So, who’s Mehzad by the way and is he now a new member of the PowerManga team or is he just here for a few chapters?

    • BernieCrane

      New member. He was releasing chapters on batoto by himself so we got into contact and asked him if he could help us.

      He’ll be part of the team as long as he wants to.

      • Son D. Roku

        Awesome. Welcome to the team Mehzad.

  • KuroKaze

    Sorry the quality is very poor for your standards. Ishuhui’s scans are way better than this cleaned versions. Translation standard is good.

    • BernieCrane

      the raws are from jump+.

      this is literally what it looks like on the digital service.

      if enough people don’t like it, we’ll switch back

      • Son D. Roku

        I think maybe a comparison photo of the two raws would help alleviate people’s concerns. Personally, I trust you guys to make the right choices for the best raws to use.

        • BernieCrane

          My biggest concern for a long time has been that whenever Ishuhui crops their chapters for final release, there are usually parts of the image cut off on the top or the bottom. sometimes there’s stuff at the very bottom of the page that gets cut off like this panel from 775: You can clearly tell there’s supposed to be more at the bottom of that picture because of the guy’s hands in the background.

          • Son D. Roku

            Ahh, I see. I always thought it was weekly shonen jump’s doing and that they fixed it for the volume scans, didn’t know it was Ishuhui’s.
            I also don’t like it if it’s croped like that. Is this jump+ raws uncropped/better cropped than the Ishuhui scans?

          • Galaxy 9000

            Yes, because Jump + digitals are how it appears in the magazine too. There’s no cropping.

          • Son D. Roku

            Awesome, in that case I’m all good for the jump+ raws.

      • Tarek

        Please don’t switch back.
        This is way better than the ishuhui scans.

    • Galaxy 9000

      The biggest problem with Ishuhui’s scans has always been their cropping. They leave out parts of the page with whatever way they use to crop the images, and it’s very apparent when comparing to the actual digital release.

      Details are also lost through their cleaning process, like background writing being illegible, and certain physical objects in the backgrounds being smudged. You might just be used to the blackened cleaning process, but it definitely doesn’t look like that in the original drawings.

      • dude

        And don’t forget about the sfx, I know you guys did some extra works to switched it back to japanese, thanks for the effort, but still, ishuhui looks better than this raw.

  • Monkey d teach

    This translation was hit and mis tbh. Meeehh

    • BernieCrane

      where do you see problems?

  • Lux

    If it’s true that Ishuhui’s scans are cropped and some details lost in cleaning then i think it’s better you keep use the jump+ raws so that we can have the original magazine version. The quality is still good, and the difference with ishuhui’s version is minimal.

  • eichi

    PEKOMUMASHI not PECOMUMASHI, that lion mink’s name is PEKOMS

    • Galaxy 9000

      Peko was a typo from cnet’s script. We’ll fix it.

  • pleasegivemejiji

    Awesome. I am just happy that you are back. I prefer whatever you think are best. Thank you !

  • HimzHamz

    Thanks a lot for the release, but I wonder where can I find your releases of One Piece Party?

    • Galaxy 9000

      On batoto.

  • onelag

    woohoo, thanks guys. So glad you’re back =]

  • hap|oid

    took me a while to find this thread. So this is where the decisions were discussed. Anyway, whatever PM Team decided is still better than Mangastream or Mangapanda (aka MS copy) releases. Forgive me, but when will chapters 813 to 818 be available for download? Thank god cnet is up and running. Welcome Mehzad. Looking forward to seeing the end of monopoly of MS. Its a lot better to have multiple scans being read side by side.