One Piece 819v2 and 820 (English)

One Piece Cover

We got quite a lot of feedback on the raws we used for the previous chapter. I think, overall, we were able to justify why we made the switch. We’ve been discussing this for months now so it wasn’t a decision made on a whim.

Chapter 819 v2 fixes:

I got you, guy.

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Chapter 820:

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Author: allmight

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  • Son D. Roku

    Thanks again. Always appreciated.

  • Fenssett JD

    this isn’t ishuhui quality ??

  • Lux

    Thanks again Powermanga! Are you planning to release first the current weekly chapters or will you focus on the old ones (809 – 818)?

    • Galaxy 9000

      We will do parallel releases. 809-811 will be released in a batch soonish. Then we’ll work on 812+, while also starting on 821 whenever cnet posts his translation.

  • eichi

    haha thank you, i really appreciated for that peco part
    honestly, i or we (if i can say) can wait little longer for your team to finish the chapter one by one until catch up with the current chapter
    don’t be so hasty, with skipping or jumping to the newest chapter, i don’t care what scanlation you used, but mu concern is i want to read your work because the quality of the translation and (for me who english is not my mother languange) using more simple word than other works so i can easily understand
    once again, thank you so much for your work, but i’m not going to download this yet, and will wait, sorry for my english