One Piece Digital Colour Comics Volume 71 (Final Version)

One Piece Cover

This is the “final” version of volume 71 with the extras also translated. Volume 72 is almost done. Just needs the SBS translated and that should be ready to go as well. Hopefully we can get it out relatively soon.

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Author: allmight

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  • Son D. Roku

    Thank you for the awesome job.

  • Lux

    This is incredible, thank you for this. I hope you’ll do it for every volumes onward.

  • BerserkerDog

    Thank you!

  • saidyasin

    I am glad to find some answers to my questions on the project blog.
    But why a new website, this one should be good enough.
    Dedicate a section to colored manga releases and you are done.

    Also, I wanted to discuss this for some time. You brought the subject on the blog anyway.
    You are busy with weekly projects, and we love your work and dedication. I can’t express my gratitude in words only.
    But as far as I know you are the only group doing colored manga volumes.
    You should focus on volume releases only, let the weekly chapters to other fast releases groups.
    I always spoke with Mangarule on this subject, until they were forced to shut down.
    And we never saw the 10 volumes they were working on. The scope of your project is MUCH larger.
    It’s your decision, and I will always respect that. But don’t try to do everything, you’re burning the candle at both ends.
    This way you will even get to rest between volumes. It’s a win-win in my opinion.
    This is a hobby, and shouldn’t come at the expense of your personal life.

    And, as always, great work.

    • BernieCrane

      If you’re talking about the new website I mentioned on the blogspot, I meant this.

      As for why we do weekly releases and not just focus on the volumes, I’m going to give a strong no. If mangastream had the translation quality control that we do, we wouldn’t worry but they routinely mistranslate crucial lines and half the fandom goes on arguments about nonsense because the line was translated completely wrong and no one would be none the wise until volumes are releases. And the number of people who read volume scanlations are very few compared to weekly releases. so we have a spread of misinformation that never gets corrected among the general fanbase. Honestly, if mangastream spent more time on making sure the translation is right (and they did in the past. look at binktopia’s (now mangastream) scans when cnet was translating for them) instead of wasting their time on imbecilic localisations, we wouldn’t even need to do this

      Also, when we scanlate weekly, we keep all of the psd files. that means when volumes are inevitably released, all we have to do is migrate the text layers. we don’t have to typeset again. which means volumes are done in a fraction of the time.

      the weekly scanlations aren’t anything new. Powermanga has been doing them since mangarule was shut down.

  • BernieCrane

    Yes, some time is needed for redraws but that’s still only 1 or 2 pages every chapter (more in rare cases) and we have a skilled redrawer so the work load is very minimal in that regard. typesetting takes the most time. And we don’t really need to clean anything outside of the bubbles. They’re digital copies after all.

    Yes, the raws are 1200px. If they were larger, I’d be the first one to complain about downsizing them.

    The 70 volume patch is being held back more by real life commitments than the weekly chapter release.

    • saidyasin

      You’ve been very helpful, Bernie.
      Thank you.