One Piece Digital Colour Comics Volume 71 (V1) (English)

One Piece Cover


Yes, this is Volume 71 of One Piece in full colour!

Powermanga will be handling this project from here on out.

Couple of things to note:

This is version 1 because we haven’t translated the extra/SBS pages yet. The raw pages are included in the volume as they are. We’ll be translating and updating them later during the week. As such, please don’t upload this version anywhere just yet. Once we get the SBS pages in, we’ll upload it to batoto and provide a proper download link and it’ll be open season from then on.

Volume 72 will be out in a few days’ time.

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Author: allmight

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  • shaurya

    I’ve been impatiently waiting for so long!

  • Son D. Roku

    YES!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You guys are Godsent. Thanks for all the hard work, greatly appreciated.

  • dragon-ble

    Seriously you guys are awesome

  • Kornflayx

    You guys are amazing. Thank You!

  • jm8080ful

    I personally think that this so called digitally colored volumes just ruins the art as Oda didn’t drew this manga with coloring in mind and just seemed like a rushed job and gives the art a cartoonish look to it. But a lot of people seem to like it especially those people that is new to manga so I guess I’m OK with it as long as it attracts more people into reading One Piece.

    • doomrider7

      Disagree. I’ve been reading this manga since FORVER now it seems and I LOVE the digital recolors. It just makes everything come alive. And to me general understanding it’s all done with Oda’s input and approval for the colors so they are done with his vision in mind.

  • saidyasin

    This is great news, thanks guys for all of your hard work.
    I am not sure, but it seems you are affiliated with the “One Piece Digital Colour Comics” project.
    It will be even better if that is the case.
    Can anyone confirm this?

    • jm8080ful

      No, this digitally colored volumes that are appearing online recently are all official work put out by Shueisha, the company that publish Weekly Shōnen Jump which where One PIece is being serialized.

    • BernieCrane

      Yes, this is one and the same. That team just got rolled into powermanga.

      • saidyasin

        This is a good reason to celebrate.
        The best of luck to your new team.

  • MilkMan


  • shaurya

    What fonts did you use for typesetting?

    • BernieCrane

      the usual Powermanga set.

      Anime Ace for dialogue (various iterations for different types of dialogue)
      Edo for attacks
      Thug for sfx
      komika title for title
      astro city for notes.

  • Edith Reese!

    Few days? More like a few weeks. XD

  • doomrider7

    You guys still alive?

  • Meritxell Martínez Ramos

    When will we be able to download this one? The VOl 72 came out but this one didn’t…

  • Sweet.