One Piece Digital Colour Comics Volume 72 (Final Version)

One Piece Cover

And here’s the Volume 72 in full colour!

Download is lossless png, if y’all are interested in that.

(You can now post/share this literally wherever you want. No limits.)

Please leave a comment if you find any errors within the volume. I’ll release a second version if necessary after a week’s time.

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Author: allmight

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  • Adroel B. Rostata

    Thanks PM Team! BTW, do you have plans to do One Piece DCC Volumes 70 and earlier?

    • BernieCrane

      We do. just extremely slowly. We pushed these out fast because we had an organised plan going in.

      eventually I’d like to have the entire series hosted here. You might see random volumes popping up once in a while but I’ll refrain from setting a schedule.

  • Son D. Roku

    Thank you for all the hard work.

  • saidyasin

    Finally One Piece is getting the releases it deserves.
    (I just found 55 official volumes too.)
    You are the best.

    • Son D. Roku

      What do you mean 55 official volumes? And where?

      • saidyasin

        Sorry for the late reply, I was really busy.
        I meant scans of the official releases. Check Madokami and BookGN to find out.

        • hap|oid

          Checked out Madokami. It’s heaven. Thanks man.

  • Annas Abdul Aziz

    Awesome and great job!! Thanks!

  • 5thKablamo

    Any update?

  • KratosBonny

    Any news on volume 73-77?

  • Mr.Prince

    Thank You, guys for your efforts. I’ve collected from Volume 1 to 70 and 72 so far. Keep up the great work guys.