One Piece Digital Coloured Comics Volume 74

One Piece Cover

And here’s volume 74 in full colour!

Please leave a comment if you find any errors within the volume. I’ll release a second version if necessary after a week’s time.

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Author: allmight

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  • BBsan

    Hey guys thanks for the volume! I see you didn’t upload them on batoto. So is it alright for me to go ahead and UL them?

    • BernieCrane

      We’d prefer if you don’t. If we publish fixes, it’s easier for us to update on batoto if the upload is done by us.

      • BBsan

        Aah okay no problem.

  • TheDemonPirate

    Really cool to see you’re still releasing the colored volumes!!
    Thank you!

  • Noooooo

    Thanks !!!
    A Question:
    Where can i find 60v to 70 ?

    • BernieCrane

      I think KissManga might be hosting them. But otherwise, we’re slowly uploading to batoto so you’ll see them there eventually.

  • TheRocketRonny

    Wow thanks again, may these be uploaded to madokami?

  • NightCrawler

    Sankyuu! Really nice to see the colored volumes with such high quality!
    Will you be catching up to the manga?

    • BernieCrane

      Eventually, yes. They’re being worked on semi-regularly but won’t be finalised until after we get through the colour volumes.

  • KratosBonny

    Finally…it’s been so long. Great work guys..

  • Mr.Prince

    Hi again, same question as last time-Is this the final version of Volume 74?