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  • lol

    Why does it over a month to get 4 chapters out?

    It shouldn’t take this long when all you have to do is typeset since the chapter is already cleaned by Ishuhui and translation by cnet?

    • daddy

      Why don’t you help them then instead of complaining?

    • Sewil

      761-769 has already been cleaned and typesetted. 767-769 needs quality-checking by me, 770 is awaiting typesetting by Bernie, 771 is awaiting cleaning by Galaxy, and 761-766 is awaiting redraws/cropping/quality-checking by Tobi. He’s very busy at the moment though so please have patience.

  • saidyasin

    We always worry when your releases are delayed.
    But, we don’t think often about those who release them.
    I hope you are doing fine, and wish you the happiness you bring us with your work.
    Thank you PowerManga Team.

  • Lee


  • boss

    Thx you very much

  • Rotten

    Thank you, PowerManga!

  • Raul

    love powermanga scans… they’re the best

  • sun kuzan

    come on man, release the next chapters

  • nep

    I guess this group is dead

    • Galaxy 9000


  • g0ne

    Thank you very much.