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  • pauliche

    Thanks a lot

  • guilherme

    thank you, keep up the good work. hope to see the next batch soon. =)

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  • Cruelty

    Thanks for all the hard work !

  • nick13tl

    I open PowerManga every day to check new chapters. Greath Job!

  • Lux

    The quality is the best as always! Thanks a lot!

  • BerserkerDog

    Thank you!!

  • morny

    wow, finally…. thanks for the quality and your great job

  • Macawca

    Well worth the wait, the quality is unmatched as usual. Thanks again.

  • Rotten

    Awesome! Thanks

  • santouryuu

    Well as they say they good things come to those who wait!thanks.though i hope you at least increase the pace to a chapter per week

  • hanyan

    Love the quality from you guys! THANKS!

  • Lux91

    Looking forward the next release! 🙂