One Piece 805 (English)

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Chapter 805

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Author: allmight

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  • Artur

    That last page about Wanda’s page was absolutely mindblowing!!
    Incredible job on it, kudos to you guys!

  • Dragon6125

    Stellar job as always!

    That is a very interesting page on the accent, by the way. Makes sense why the people at viz were saying that they are having a tough time deciding on what they are going to do with it.

  • Adroel B. Rostata

    Nice Job with the TNs. Plese keep it up. Thank you Powermanga Team.

  • Lux

    Thank you guys!!! I love when the translators get so much into the details and meanings of dialogues! Keep up the good work!

  • MysticLeviathan

    Just a quick grammar fix:

    On page 14, in the bubble that says “That’s not who we’re talking about! Who the heck is that?”

    it should be:

    “That’s not whom we’re talking about”

    We is the subject in that sentence, the who in that sentence is the object, so it should be whom, not who. Small grammar error that many people don’t care about and totally ignore, but the way you have it is technically wrong, even if most don’t care or even realize it’s wrong. Just an fyi if you want to fix it

  • Artur

    I can’t wait for Chapter 806 to be translated I loved it so much!