One Piece 805 Version 3 and 806 Version 2 (English)

One Piece Cover


Chapter 805v3

Switched Wanda’s line about corpses from this to this for accuracy’s sake (as seen in 807).

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Chapter 806v2

Switched “cat-viper” to “Nekomamushi”. We will be using the romanised names for the Duke and the Master from here on out.

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Author: allmight

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  • Son D. Roku

    I don’t wanna seem too inconsiderate and ungrateful but, could you guys also release a version 2 of Chapter 797. The black lines seemed washed out. I know it’s a lot to ask but please and thank you.

    • BernieCrane

      Ishuhui used a different raw source for that one (which is technically closer to the source than what they normally use) so it’s supposed to look like that.

      We’re thinking about doing volume scanlation so there’s not much point to re-releasing just for one chapter that’s going to be replaced eventually if it’s just for the colour quality.

      • Son D. Roku

        Amazing, you guys ARE awesome. Thanks for the reply.

      • dude

        Wow, would be great if you’re doing volume scanlation (black and white tankobon).
        Please start it from volume 69.
        And make some distances from VIZ release.
        We don’t want “Mangarule’s accident” happen to you.

        • BernieCrane

          not sure what you mean by “make some distance from Viz release”

          • dude

            I mean, japan currently at vol 80 right now, but they still behind at vol 77.
            So, if you guys somehow get too close to their release or even outrun them, they may sent you a love letter just like what they did to Mangarule, and in the next day, you dead.
            Don’t let that happen.

          • BernieCrane


            Well, even if they manage to bring down the website, there are other ways of getting stuff out.