One Piece 806 (English)

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Chapter 806

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Author: allmight

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  • Artur


  • jm8080

    Yea, they resurrected him using the Dragon Balls

  • doomrider7

    While I DON”T think Sanji is dead for obvious reasons, I do think think he is severely effed up or at least in a position where that’s a very real possibility for him.

  • KuroKaze

    Awesome work as always! 🙂

  • Fei Liang

    Do you guys no longer release One Piece weekly? I mean is it being dropped or is there some technical issues going on? I’m really curious, been checking your site for couple of weeks

    • Lux

      If you look at their release history you can see that sometimes there’s a delay of 2 or 3 chapters, which they release thereafter all together. There’s no reason to think they dropped.

      • Fei Liang

        oh I see, thanks for telling me about that!
        I’m new to this site, someone referred me to here a few weeks ago or so and I’m really worried if they’re dropping it because I really like their releases & translations. I’m really glad to know that’s not the case 😀

    • PowerManga

      We are not dropping it, but due to problems with raw providers and translators our release will be delayed a bit from now on.

      • Fei Liang

        I see, thanks a lot for letting me know! I’m new to this site, I’m really glad to know that’s not the case because I really like your releases & translations 🙂

  • popo

    is there any plan to fix cat viper to neko mamashi in this chapter?

  • KuroKaze

    Any updates on the next release?

  • pleasegivemejiji

    Hi I just want to tell you thank you so much. Both me and my brother read Japanese just fine, but our youngest sister can’t. Your version just fill the experience hole she had. I found yours after a bit of searching. You are even superior than the English serialization, which by the way could not be obtained legally where do we live, so I am so, so happy. Thank you !

  • isoftic

    When is the chapter #807 and the rest coming out?

  • BriBri

    Just would like to know if you guys are still translating One Piece? I know it’s out on mangastream but this website still has the better translations. Don’t have access to Viz translations so I hope you guys can translate 812+

  • Quinn Blakey

    Smh, your guys redrawer isnt coming back is he? Just give it to me straight doc, this little gig is at its end huh? Dont lie and give us false hope!! If what is the case, thanks for the great translations! It was fun while it lasted!! All good things must come to an end!!

    • BernieCrane

      No, the ‘gig’ isn’t up.

      People are really freaking busy with school and/or work. I’m not kidding when I say I have no free time each week. Hell, I haven’t properly read a chapter since 806 so you can imagine how busy some of us are.

      Let’s not forget, at one point we were 20-30 chapters behind and we still caught up.

      This shit is a walk in the park compared to that.

      Just chill for now.

      When the gig is up, we’ll announce it.

      • Quinn Blakey

        I’m sorry if I sounded condescending, after rereading my post I forgot about I came across wrong. I really appreciate what you guys do and maybe I was a little too worked up with my words. I don’t really appreciate the semi-pissed response, but I digress.

        But yeah, I’ll “chill”. I’m just glad to see you guys are still intact.

  • Lee

    PMS, can you use the raw from china website?
    Sorry for my poor english.

  • onelag

    PowerManga team, thanks for everything. We love you! Hope that one day you come back to us 😉