One Piece 829-833 (English)

One Piece Cover

We’re looking for experienced redrawers who can help us out with the coloured volumes. Please join our discord and ping BernieCrane or Galaxy if you’re interested.


Chapter 829

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Chapter 830

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Chapter 831

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Chapter 832

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Chapter 833

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Author: allmight

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  • SUPER!

  • MDG

    Thank you! much appreciated

  • BerserkerDog

    Thanks for your work!

  • KratosBonny

    Any chances of volume 73-77 of the digital colored ones being worked upon next?

    • Galaxy 9000

      Until we have a redrawer to do the colored volumes, there will be no colored volume releases.

      Black & White releases will continue.

      • KratosBonny

        Fingers crossed then. Hope you guys get one soon. Really love your work

      • Boya

        Even if you find a redrawer, please at least continue the black & white release till chapter 850.
        Then we’ll just switch to your join project with jaiminisbox.
        Some of us prefer the black & white version.

        • Galaxy 9000

          Even though Bernie and I work on Jaimini’s box, we do plan on continuing to do the Black & White, even past 850.

          This is because we are doing volume scanlations here, not weekly.

  • Misbach NF

    guys, can I subscribe your website via email?

  • SpeedySpeedBoy

    Do you have any plans on releasing a batch release for all the chapters you have made thus far? If you already have and I don’t know about it, my bad.