One Piece Digital Coloured Comics Volume 73

One Piece Cover

Here’s the Volume 73 in full colour!

Please leave a comment if you find any errors within the volume. I’ll release a second version if necessary after a week’s time.

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Author: allmight

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  • WorldOverHeaven

    It’s been so long, thank you.

    Will you be releasing the other colored volumes more often now?

  • Norlando

    Thanks a lot!

  • Eric Arinoto

    Thank you very much….
    You are d best…..!!!!

  • BerserkerDog

    Thanks for your work!

  • Vinsanity – Carlos15

    Thank you so much for the release. Very much appreciated!!!

  • TheRocketRonny

    Made an account just to thank you and the entire team! This is so awesome, many thanks for continuing the translation of the Digital Coloured manga!

  • Allegrian

    Thank you for this, I thought It would never be translated past chapter 721 T.T

  • Shelly the kid

    Took you 10,000 years to post it. But finally Paper Mario will have a remake now!

  • hap|oid

    Thank you so much PowerManga Team!

  • hap|oid

    Anyone here know where to get the HQ Scans of Nitoryu for Volumes 17-25 and 30-39 aside from their blogspot?

    • TheRocketRonny

      There are a few Nitoryu scans on Madokami ftp but not 30-39.

    • Yxenz

      Look in
      There’s a link to a Mega’s folder with all
      the volumes RAW if you can search (it’s easier if you speak Spanish though)

  • Mr.Prince

    I’ve been silently following you guys for a while now. Thank you Guys and Gals for your efforts.

    I have questions though..
    1. Is there a DCC version of OP chapter 0-Strong World?
    2. Is this Volume 73 final version?
    3. Generally speaking, how often do you release the DCC volumes on a per year basis?

    • BernieCrane

      1. There is not as far as I know.
      2. Yes, this is the final version (barring any fixes that might come up later)
      3. No set schedule, it all comes down to how much free time we have. You might see 3 volumes come out in a month sometimes and nothing for a year at other times.

      • Mr.Prince

        I see, so what is it you guys do. Mainstream I mean. Like a student, working professional at some company. ANd are there any ladies on the team?

        • BernieCrane

          All of the above.

  • NightCrawler

    Sankyuu 🙂